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Mid-Atlantic Environmental Remediation Services
Mid-Atlantic Environmental Remediation Services
Lewis Environmental


Remediation Solutions for Every Environment.

Lewis Environmental provides safe, effective and cost-competitive remediation solutions for any size and type of challenge.


Lewis Environmental is a qualified and capable organization ready, willing and able to collaborate with you on the most effective solutions to even your most immediate remediation challenge. Lewis owns and maintains a variety of specialized equipment designed to effectively and efficiently remediate contaminated sites. Our project and field team leadership have extensive experience to identify appropriate treatment or disposal technology for your project.

With years of experience and thousands of projects successfully completed, we are able to blend available technology with practical field and engineering experience to deliver the highest quality solutions.


Make it right!

Environmental Remediation executed with experience and excellence!


  • Source Removal and Offsite disposal of Contaminated Soils

  • UST / AST Closure & Removal

  • Treatment System Installation

  • In-Situ Stabilization of Metals and Petroleum Impacted Soils

  • Capping and Closure of Uncontrolled Landfills

  • On-site Segregation of Mixed Wastes

  • Firing Range Material Segregation

  • Ecological and Wetland Reconstruction

  • Manufactured Gas Plant Remediation


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